What is Find Your Why ‘Small Group’ Travel?

Our mission is to provide our clients opportunities to connect with people of diverse cultures and witness how small interactions can lead to big changes in how we view the world and our role within it.

Every connection begins with hello...
Hello, I’m Samantha and travel is my “why.”
  • I’m a mom, a cancer survivor, a chronic day-dreamer, and an introverted-extrovert (yes, there is such a thing.)
  • I’m stubborn, a workaholic, a perfectionist and a member of the annoyingly infamous grammar patrol.
  • I love gelato, funky hats, deep meaningful conversations and making new friends.
  • I am a work-in-progress and a late-blooming world traveler.
  • I’m passionate about what I do, and I can’t wait to meet you!
Why I'm passionate about ‘small group’ travel.

Travel changes you...

Whether traveling independently or with a group, I believe all travel is good travel. Travel brings about “change” in people. When people leave their day-to-day lives behind, their walls come down. They become curious creatures and everything around them is new and exciting. As a group leader, there is nothing more satisfying than watching people experience “aha moments,” which many times I am having right along with them. There are very few individuals (of all demographics) who have traveled with me who have not come home with a deeper appreciation of their own lives. I make meaningful connections with many of my clients, and my clients do the same with each other. Upon returning from a trip, I hope we all have a better understanding of our world and the role we play within it.